Using the Website Section

This section is incredibly powerful, it allows you to bring websites or embed things directly into your bulletin. 

  1. Click on the bulletin you would like to edit. 
  2. Drag a "Website" section on the left into the phone, to add this as a section to your bulletin. 
  3. Click on the bulletin phone preview where it says "Website" to open up and edit this section. 
    • Title allows you to name this section of your bulletin.
  4. Choose the embed type you would like to use. 
    • Website allows for you to include a website link that you would like to bring into this section. If you click show preview it will allow you to see how the website will appear. 
    • Embed Code allows for you to paste HTML Code Block that you have copied from another location into your bulletin. This should bring in your embedded calendar. 
  5. When Done, select Done Editing. 
If you are trying to embed using the embed code and get an error that an <iframe> is needed, try using the website link option. 
If you get an error while using the website link that the page is unable to be embedded it means that the actual website you are trying to embed does not allow for embedding. 
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